Gentoo Linux developers refuse to release distributions

Most modern Linux-distributions corporate level are updated every 3 years, free, customized versions are updated, usually twice a year. This is the schedule used by all leading developers - and Red Hat, and Novell, and Debian and Mandriva. The same schedule previously adhered to the developers and distribution Gentoo Linux, but now is not going to produce distributions in the conventional sense of the term.

Instead, the developers of Gentoo Linux are promoting a new model for the development of their OS. In Gentoo Linux is no longer planned to issue fixed distributions, Gentoo will be updated continuously, packets for distribution will be included in the OS as they become available. Of course, on such terms as “the image of the distribution” can not completely avoid, as many will be with something to set the distribution or buy it with a new computer. To solve this problem on Gentoo Linux servers will be placed weekly operating system images, which will be constantly updated in constant time.

After downloading and installing the system in this form, users will need at least Resume updates issued over the past couple of days. “We have to work hard enough to avoid any inconsistencies in the” live “distribution. Release as they have a great impact on users and their choice, changing the development model we want to reassure users of the relevance of Gentoo”, - said one of the developers of Gentoo Linux Donnie Bergholz.

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