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In response to the recently disclosed vulnerability in the next Linux kernel, De Raadt could not resist and walked in the bitingly misc @ for pingvinoidam Torvalds in general and in particular:
Linus is too busy thinking about masturbating macaques to think about security. We have released a patch in the summer of 2008, it concerns fucker Intel-architecture with a common address space, which allows processes to use the zero page memory … Linupsoidy left everything as it is solely because in order not to break Wine, which climbs to page 0. We decided that we ïîõóé on Wine

It's funny that a month after this patch Linus did the same statement about the OpenBSD team as "masturbating macaques. Well, I'm glad that we are busy thinking about security, and Torvalds is busy writing kommetariev about masturbating monkeys. After all, everyone in life must deal with what he is best obtained.

8 November 2009 | , , core, linux, safety, vulnerability

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• Linus Torvalds a parlé durement à la communauté OpenBSD »»»
Linus Torvalds a comparé la communauté d’OpenBSD, qui est connu pour sa propension pour le code correct et sécurisé, avec un groupe de singes se masturbant (botte de se masturber singes), qui sont entièrement axées sur les questions de sécurité, alors qu’il ya d’autres questions importantes.
• Linux 2.6.31 kernel came out »»»
After the 9 candidates for release on Sept. 9 at 16 pm Pacific time (3 am on Sept.
• Plans to incorporate new features in Linux kernel 2.6.24 »»»
In the present revised system memory management patches to reduce fragmentation, “per-device write throttling”, the possibility of embedding hard LSM modules in the Linux kernel, the binding of security attributes to zapusknym files (file-based capabilities), increase the share of randomness in the allocation of memory, Separate space PID, the interception of events through the installation of markers (kernel markers), etc.
• Linus Torvalds spoke harshly to the OpenBSD community »»»
Linus Torvalds compared the community of OpenBSD, which is known for its propensity for correct and secure code, with a group of masturbating monkeys (bunch of masturbating monkeys), which are entirely focused on security issues, while there are other important issues.
• Linus Torvalds: "nucleus became swollen and huge" »»»
Linus Torvalds, in a round table discussion at the conference LinuxCon 2009, stated that the core has become "bloated and huge.