Sairan Myrzahmetovich Kikkarin: “In my spare time I am translating KDE into Kazakh. Interview.

Today I invite your attention an interview with Sayranom Kikkarin, a man who stood at the origins of localization systems operating in Kazakhstan since the days of DOS. Sairan Myrzahmetovich is also the author of the famous packs “KazWin” for operating systems Windows, a number of publications on various technical aspects of localization, also known as the man who for the first time in the history of the Internet using the Kazakh language on web pages.

Balm for the soul Dimonychu:
I usually multiboot-ohm installed Windows; current stable version of FreeBSD (now is 7.0), one of the common distributions Linux, Mandriva is usually or Fedora (Fedora is now 9). From all this I most respect for FreeBSD.

8 September 2008 | attention, interview, kde, localization, man, system, time

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