Statistical Programming with R: Part 3. Code reuse and object programming

R - is a powerful distributed free statistical environment, which includes a programming language, an interactive shell, and extensive graphics capabilities. This article continues the previous two publications by David (co-written with Brad Hunting), considering the object-oriented programming in R, as well as some general concepts of programming in R.

14 August 2008 | code, language, opportunity, part prosecution order dozen violation property s, programming, shell, use, wednesday

Linux Gentoo vs Girls
Comparing estimates the market share of Linux desktops

• The Uzbeks have created a national Linux »»»
The first results of work on a system already exists.
• Minkomsvyazi developed proposals for transfer of state organs to free software »»»
State authorities offered to move to free software. In Minkomsvyazi Russia developed a package of documents on the development and acquisition of software for use in the organs of state power and budgetary institutions.
• The authorities of Ukraine's move to Linux »»»
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its order dated December 23.
• Creating cross-platform GUI-applications using wxWidgets »»»
This material on how to use wxWidgets to create elegant and very useful GUI-applications on your preferred programming language.
• GNOME 2.24 »»»
GNOME 2.24 - is the latest version of the popular multi-platform operating environment GNOME.