ALT Linux has released a distribution to children

ALT Linux company announces the release of beta-electronic version developed for the distribution of children’s creativity ALT Linux 4.0 Children in format Live CD. Distribution is designed for use by children of any pre-school and school age (4 years). ALT Linux 4.0 Children is loaded from disk and requires no installation on your computer.

As noted in the release, the hallmark of ALT Linux 4.0 Children is that it collected funds for a wide range of creative tasks, but their set of verified and minimized. For each task, be it work with vector graphics or video, picked up a tool that is suitable for children to ease development.

ALT Linux 4.0 Children contains a set of applications to work with graphics (including raster, vector, fractal, ascii), a set of applications to work with video (a program for non-linear editing, video player and audio) material for the work: photographs and vector examples from the library Open Clip Art, as well as games and text of the training course.

In the distribution are absent - as unnecessary - office programs, email clients, browsers, planning tools, and address books. In addition, cut and connectivity to the Internet.

That distribution has spread mainly in electronic form, to obtain an image for recording on a CD can be at this address.

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