Details on the use of Linux kernel to Google

At the summit held in October of Linux kernel developers of Google employees gave a report on how Linux is used in this company. As Google maintains its own branch of the Linux kernel, on the basis of which every 6 months and only release for internal use, and every 17 months is synchronized with the standard "vanilla" Linux kernel branch.

To control the kernel code used software Perforce. Above the kernel employs about 30 engineers, often with little idea of what is happening with the main tree, as the synchronization is performed only once a year and a half. In the future, to improve the management of kernel code and interaction with the independent community of developers in the company's plan to switch to Git.

Previously, Google used the kernel 2.4.18, it was added about 500 thousand lines of code and bekportirovana support for IPv6. Because of the need for quality support SATA, it was decided to migrate to version 2.6.11. Currently, the base Linux kernel to 2.6.18 and Google is preparing to introduce the kernel based on version 2.6.26, which adds 1,208 patches numbering 300 thousand lines of code. About 25% of the patches are bekportirovannye new opportunities, 3 / 4 of all the changes associated with the work of the major subsystems of the kernel and only a small proportion of changes relates to drivers and support equipment.

For Google, great importance is the planning of CPU time, because The company runs about 5000 threads on systems with 16-32 nuclei. Engineers ported the old task scheduler O (1) to start using kernel 2.6.26. And for the virtual memory management in these processes applied technology "Numa-Aware VFS LRU", which focuses on specific NUMA nodes and is designed to make work with the latest most effective.

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