Representatives Skype confirmed the development of open source version for Linux

The blog of Skype published a report explaining the situation with the open source client for Linux. Earlier in the network appeared unconfirmed information about the plans to release an open Skype client, based on the responses support Skype to the request associated with the lack of a ready package for Mandriva Linux.

Developer Linux version of Skype said that really are developing open source versions of Linux client, which is part of a larger project of the company, which at the present time, the information not be disclosed. However, Skype is planning to distribute the source code only the user interface, which should simplify the adaptation of programs for a wide range of Linux distributions, and for other software platforms.

2 November 2009 | , , company, customer, development, linux, open, skype, source

Skype open source Linux-version
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• Skype open source Linux-version »»»
Olivier Faurax, developer of the company Neotion and the user distribution Mandriva Linux, published yesterday in his blog snippets of correspondence with customer support via "Skype".
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• Skype open source Linux-version »»»
Olivier Faurax, développeur de la société Neotion et la répartition des utilisateurs de Mandriva Linux, publié hier dans son blog des extraits de la correspondance avec le support client via «Skype».
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