Skype open source Linux-version

Olivier Faurax, developer of the company Neotion and the user distribution Mandriva Linux, published yesterday in his blog snippets of correspondence with customer support via "Skype".
When released the latest version of Skype, it did not find an RPM for "Mandriva", and contact support to promote the idea of a separate RPM for "Mandriva", as it was several years ago. He was advised to install a version for distribution Fedora, assuring that it should work.
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We are pleased to inform you that "Skype" will now be part of the open source community.
So, Linux developers will have the opportunity to influence the development of the Skype client for Linux, which will almost certainly lead to the development of separate versions for different distributions.

[…] Source code version of Skype for Linux will be opened in the near future.

1 November 2009 | , code, company, developer, distribution, mandriva linux, service, skype, support

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