White House opens its open source site for the society

Last Saturday http://www.whitehouse.gov moved to CMS Drupal (content management system in PHP and open source). In the future a move to opensource and other U.S. government sites.

"We want a more transparent communication between thousands of people who go to WhiteHouse.gov, and representatives of the White House," said media director of the Government of Macon Phillips. He also joked at the expense of commitments Barack Obama about the openness of power, to show the world that the government code website is the height of confidence.

27 October 2009 | code, government, management, open, opensource, source, system, united states, website

Raytheon is using Linux in the complex to search for spies
Canonical has announced the release Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

• "For the commitment to open source I used to be called a communist" »»»
Programs with the so-called open source, when the code is available to any user for changes and improvements that have a lot of adherents around the world.
• New site Linux.com »»»
Linux Foundation in March of this year, is committed to the development, filling and maintaining the site linux.
• Around the world c Oppen Source »»»
Oppen Source gaining ground throughout the world. In his defense raises public institutions and enterprises - and the arguments for its use is becoming more and more.
• The number of sites on the Internet exceeded 186.7 million »»»
According to research firm Netcraft, a leading global monitoring network for the past 15 years, according to the December 1, 2008 Global Network consisted of 186 727 854 site, at 1.
• Linus Torvalds - hatred of Microsoft is a disease »»»
Linus Torvalds has publicly voiced his opinion about adding drivers to the Linux kernel by Microsoft.