Transmission BitTorrent client is Ubuntu by default

Transmission - is a popular cross-platform BitTorrent client that includes a wide range of functions, very easy and now it will be part of Ubuntu 8.04 as the default BitTorrent client.

Transmission is already included in the 4 alpha build Hardy Heron instead used until recently BitTorrent client Gnome. Exit the stable version of the operating system, Ubuntu 8.04, expected in April this year.
Over the past year the popularity of Transmission has increased significantly, possibly due to the fact that he was able to establish itself as one of the fastest and easy to work with the client BitTorrent. This is an Open Source project and its use is possible on any operating system except Windows. Such uTorrent, in the economical use of system resources, yet provides the user with all the functions that it may be necessary when dealing with torrents.
The development team describes its product: “Transmission has been built from scratch, this powerful and easy client consuming minimal system resources. He has a simple, intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with any computing environment in which you work. This client is a balance, providing all the necessary functions without the extra “frills”.
Transmission consumes so little resources, and has even been used on routers, NAS and mobile phones. Also there for Transmission WebUI, called Clutc. With Clutc you can easily control your torrents remotely. Today the team Clutc published its version number to 0.3. Instructions for its use here.
Download distributions and to obtain more detailed information on Ubuntu Hardy Heron may be going to the Ubuntu Wiki.
translation: Avvacum

30 January 2008 | composition, customer, function, set, ubuntu

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