Raytheon is using Linux in the complex to search for spies

The largest supplier of U.S. Department of Defense, the company Raytheon, announced the launch of the project SureView Linux cryptographic module for the internal control system integrity. After the announcement of the module revealed that the hardware-software complex SureView, allowing network administrators to centrally manage access to data and identifying information leaks, runs on Linux.

In order to reliably withstand malicious, the system itself must be protected from hacking and modification of the algorithm of its work. Most modules SureView, including a cryptographic module for Linux, successfully passed the certification for compliance with federal standards in the U.S. data processing FIPS 140-2 level 1. This allows you to use the system in various government agencies, including the Ministry of Defense.
Detector leakage of insider information to track a range of suspicious in terms of information security activities. The onset of such events leads to the formation of the corresponding record in the security service for his further education, or as a random episode, or as deliberate. A good example of the potential theft of information, which is bound to cause a reaction system may be lifting a copy of the screen to a file, with its subsequent encryption and persistence on USB-flash drive.

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