Configuring apache 2 + nginx + php 5 + MySQL + memcached + eaccelerator + sphinx in Ubuntu / server / - social network of users Ubuntu linux

So today I will tell you how to raise the Web server on a thin computer, or VDS / VPS

Me was taken VDS server configuration CPU 480 MHz, RAM 256 Mb, HDD 8 Gb (Ubuntu Server 9.04).

Making the initial steps necessary for us to further work:

18 October 2009 | , action, apache, configuration, linux, network, server, ubuntu, web

Uruguay became the first country in the world, where every student public elementary school received a laptop. Laptops with Linux on board.
Raytheon is using Linux in the complex to search for spies

• Brazil has purchased more than 350 000 Linux-computers for schools »»»
Brazilian authorities to buy more 350 000 computers running the Linux operating system for subsequent delivery to local schools.
• Brasilien erworben hat mehr als 350 000 Linux-Computer für Schulen »»»
Brasilianischen Behörden, mehr zu kaufen 350 000 Computern mit dem Betriebssystem Linux für die anschließende Einspeisung in den örtlichen Schulen.
• GNOME goes online »»»
Following the growing trend move applications from the stationary computer to the Internet (technology Web-2.
• In Finland, more than a hundred schools have been translated into Ubuntu Linux »»»
Computer classes are over a hundred schools have been translated into Finnish using only free software as a distribution in schools using Ubuntu Linux.
• In Finnland, mehr als hundert Schulen in Ubuntu Linux übersetzt worden »»»
Computer-Klassen sind mehr als hundert Schulen in die finnische nur mit freier Software wie eine Verteilung in den Schulen mit Ubuntu Linux übersetzt worden.