Linux has saved Australia from the possible grid failure

Operative intervention staff of the company Integral Energy has helped to prevent the shutdown of one of the main suppliers of the Australian power grid after the computers in the control room equipment have been infected with the virus. Through ingenuity of engineers on duty shift Compromised Windows-terminals were replaced by a Linux-machine, used by programmers to develop applications.

Many governments seriously concerned about the protections of critical systems, especially in the field of energy. This is due to the increasing activity of hackers and kiberterroristov that can potentially disconnect the whole state. And it seems that the most pessimistic expectations had almost become a reality. According to some reports, in Australia, many critical systems controlled by computers is running Windows, despite the widespread awareness of their poor security and a high degree of vulnerability.

6 October 2009 | company, computer, equipment, linux, management, supplier, virus

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