London Stock Exchange moves to Linux

According to the publication of International Banking Systems Journal, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) confirmed the intention to replace the existing system TradeElect, based on technology Microsoft. NET, on the Linux equivalent, developed by MillenniumIT. Company MillenniumIT (Sri Lanka) was acquired by the LSE for $ 30 million, and this acquisition will place great hopes.

The new platform is not Linux-only solution is a combination of Linux and Solaris technologies. LSE plans to transfer to the new platform as its Italian unit Borsa and predicts savings of at least 10 million pounds in 2011/2012 after the launch of the new system. According to preliminary estimates the deployment of the system will take about 18 months. David Lester, chief information officer for the LSE said that the experience with. NET has been positive, but the replacement is necessary for greater control, reduce costs, as well as for the possibility of creating and developing innovative solutions. "

5 October 2009 | , edition, exchange, intention, linux, message, microsoft, system, technology

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According to Jim Zemlin (Jim Zemlin), head of the organization Linux Foundation, in the future to stay afloat only for the Linux and Windows, and Solaris, as well as other Unix-system, is doomed to oblivion.
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. Chapter Linux Foundation Jim Zemlin, analyzing the possible consequences of conflict, Microsoft and TomTom, urged the developers to withdraw from supporting FAT file system in their products.
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