Gentoo project turned 10 years old. The Release of Gentoo 10.0 LiveDVD

On the day of the decade since the founding of the project Gentoo Linux a jubilee binaries distribution - Gentoo 10.0 LiveDVD. As conceived as developers build should highlight the achievements of the project, accumulated over 10 years of its existence. LiveDVD prepared for x86 and x86_64, ISO-image has a size of 2.5 GB and supports installation on a DVD and USB Flash. Version for 32-bit systems is a hybrid, and includes an additional 64-bit build libraries and Linux kernel (gentoo64), which allows to use one LiveDVD as 32, and 64-bit systems.

5 October 2009 | , , , assembly, developer, distribution, existence, gentoo, release

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Most modern Linux-distributions corporate level are updated every 3 years, free, customized versions are updated, usually twice a year.
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Official support for Linux browser Google Chrome, in its current state, is a set of source code designed to work in test mode subsystems, ie the entire user interface is limited to finding a dump of passing the tests in text mode.
• Came out a new kernel Linux. Among the major innovations - quick loading and additional options Safety »»»
Linus Torvalds on the eve of the second presented a new stable build the Linux kernel in the current year.
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Everything is very clear. Watch and make conclusions. In the article: - Model development kernel 2.
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How should occupy the operating system? Several gigabytes (hello, Vista)?