Linus Torvalds: "nucleus became swollen and huge"

Linus Torvalds, in a round table discussion at the conference LinuxCon 2009, stated that the core has become "bloated and huge." Thus, according to research by Intel - the last performance deteriorates by 2% with each release, the amount of the last 10 issues of productivity has fallen by about 12%.
In this respect, certain problem is the growing popularity of the Linux operating system and it supports devices that require adding additional new features. On the question of the acceptability and inevitability of the latest Linus Torvalds replied: "Admissibility and the inevitability of two different things. They are unacceptable, but they also probably inevitable." According to Linus' kernel is quite stable, the errors are identified at about the same speed with which they are made, even though a huge amount added to the core of the new code. It is worth noting that the workload management Linus kernel development was reduced and he began to spend more time programming.

28 September 2009 | , , , , core, intel, issue, performance, research

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